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- Bodywork -

As an anti-inflammatory, Cannabis (CBD, ∆⁸-THC & ∆⁹-THC), works to directly soothe sore joints and muscles. During a massage session, our CBD Infused Massage Butter and Salves amplify the healing benefits as the oils penetrate the skin barrier and reach the areas that are causing pain and loosen muscles and connective tissues and allowing for relief and faster healing.


One of the most common ailments people experience today is stress and anxiety. Incorporating Cannabis (CBD, ∆⁸-THC & ∆⁹-THC) Infused Butters and Salves with massage can help work on alleviating chronic tension, stress & anxiety. Our Chill Blue Salves are particularly formulated to help put a person in a centered, peaceful place, aiding them in setting down external stresses that can lead to depression and nervous system degeneration.


Those who suffer from chronic pain often turn to Cannabis (CBD, ∆⁸-THC & ∆⁹-THC) oils to help them to cope with the pains they feel on a daily basis. Our Deep Relief Cannabis (CBD, ∆⁸-THC & ∆⁹-THC) Infused Salves are very effective for dealing with chronic pains such as a stiff back, hips or arthritic hands and feet. Deep Relief was specifically formulated to reduces pain, decrease inflammation while increasing blood flow throughout the affected areas, and reduces pain signals in the nervous system.

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